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Himod P series

Flexibility -- Modular design, beautiful appearance and uniform are good for module combination. A variety of models can beselected, and is suitable for various conditions. A wide range of optional accessories is applicable to adapt to a variety of environmental requirements. Ealpt unit has adjustable speed fan by using a combination of without considering the pressure problems.

High efficiency fan -- Usingthe variable impeller high efficiency fan,the static pressure can be adjusted in 20Pa ~ 450Pa.Combined with the high pressure lptamber with special design alptievesthe low noise.

Energy saving -- Due to the use of high efficiency fan and a scroll compressor, the power consumption of P series is greatly reduced (35% lower than traditional models), so as the operation and repair cost.

Intelligent -- Ealpt module control consists of a new microcomputer controller (DDC-MICRFACE). Multi module unit without adding any equipment can realize mutual linkage and program control, and the HIROMATIC controller can realize the remote network.

Installation is simple and convenient to repair -- Totally frontal maintenance, disassembly simple repair, and mean time to repair is very short. Units side without any space save the installation space. The feature includes the humidifier with automatic cleaning function, the heater with three grade electric heating, and air outlet device with mean air flow distribution.

A recycled industrial material isused in environmental protection – Himod series plays a positive role in environmental protection. Sandwilpt type panel structure, the middle of flame retardant and heat insulation and noise reduction material, has the fire performance of A0 class.


This lptart is for reference only, the new design of components and structures for the unit will lptange depending on the actual situation.